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Always Moving Forward TOGETHER guided by Reality & Respect™
Always Moving Forward - USATM The ENDURO Brand
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     There is always another hill to climb, and some “hills” turn into “mountains”.   The ENDURO Landscape  is worn as a reminder that we can climb these hills (mountains) together in a way that’s guided by Reality and Respect. Regardless of the “hill” (mountain) that’s in front of us, we believe we can Always Move Forward guided by Reality and Respect .       If you would like to order your own ENDURO Landscape  apparel, click       on “The ENDURO Landscape” in the oval picture on the right. - - - - - - - - - - -
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Always Moving Forward guided by Reality & Respect is the guiding principle behind The ENDURO Network™.                             It’s a principle that’s been developed through decades of service to the running community - as we’ve watched student and adult Track & Field and Cross Country athletes compete against each other - while demonstrating respect for themselves and their competition, and at the same time making strategic decisions during the race that are based on reality - in a sport that is known for always moving forward --- never backing up, - whether it’s a sprint race - a field event - or an ENDURO (long race).                       Always Moving Forward guided by Reality & Respect has become the foundation of the “ENDURO Brand”.  Therefore, there’s no room in “The ENDURO Brand” for being divisive --- especially the way liberal politicians are now trying to divide practically everyone in the United States:  - poor aginist rich  - black against white  - Christians against Muslims - etc.  The ENDURO Landscape (brand) is worn as a way to say, “Enough is Enough”,      which is why the ENDURO “E” logo is always displayed on the front of all ENDURO Landscape  t-shirts (in the pocket area).  When someone wears “The ENDURO Brand” - they’re saying - - -  Enough is Enough    let’s climb the hills together    we win as a “Team (not as a country divided).              This continues to be a thrilling experience that we hope to share all across the United States as we strive to move forward at a time when Respect is not a priority, and Reality continues to be ignored or distorted We encourage everyone to join us - as a competitor, as a coach, as a spectator, as a parent, or simply as someone who understands how important this guiding principle is to themselves, their family, their employer (or business) and to our country.   So, wear (and share) “The ENDURO Brand”:  -  -  -                                               Always Moving Forward guided by Reality & Respect